Established 1909 - Reimagined 2014





Established 1909 - Reimagined 2014


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"Few hold the same promise of purity and intimacy as the Morgan 3 Wheeler... 5 stars"


"I laughed out loud at the sheer and increasingly rare joy of driving."

Telegraph – Andrew English

" it's completely and utterly unique… you couldn't turn more heads for ten times the outlay. "


"It’s fast, fun and demanding 8/10"

Top Gear

"With the 3 wheeler you have the fusion of modern technology to a classic design - and what a truly beautiful design it is."

David Gandy - GQ

"The Morgan Three-Wheeler deconstructs driving as we know it, and offers a completely different set of solutions. "

/DRIVE - Chris Harris

"There’s nothing like driving a 3-wheeler to give you a real sense of speed!"

Jay Leno

"It’s a totally different feeling of connection with the road. It’s a pure vintage car experience, without the stress "


"3 Wheeler offers a cocktail of back-to-basics motoring and vintage charm that’s difficult to ignore"

Auto Express

"this car weaves its profoundly magical spell is in turning an ordinary road drive -- at sane road speeds -- into something involving, memorable, and exhilarating. "

Motor Trend

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We have come a long way since 1909...

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When did you last regard a journey by motor car as an adventure? The Morgan 3 Wheeler is designed to bring the fun and passion back to personal transport. Lift the safety catch from the 'bomb release' starter button, hear the massive twin cylinders detonate and choose your favourite destination.

The iconic design of the Morgan Threewheeler has been updated with 21st Century technology. The power train is a 1976cc 'V-twin' fuel injected engine mated to a Mazda 5 speed (and reverse) gearbox. This provides smooth 'get in and drive' convenience with the thrill of extreme performance.

Some things have not changed. Why change the shape when the Morgan Threewheeler still holds long distance speed records for one litre cars set in the 1930's? The pronounced aluminium bullet hull and the exposed tubular chassis are accompanied by the aeroplane profile of the car's sides. The shape is of a gentle yet powerful missile at the front leading to a beetle back tail at the rear.

From the design viewpoint, the focus was set on making the car as close to an aeroplane as possible, while retaining handy extra space for driver, passenger and a hold-all in the rear. The Morgan 3 Wheeler is designed for one purpose alone, to make driving fun. A leather padded cockpit complete with aircraft instrumentation adds to the sense of flying on the road. The car seems to respond as much to thought as physical input. With an estimated 140 Newton metres of torque the motor provides maximum power at minimum revs. When coupled with a weight of 525kgs the 21st century Morgan 3 Wheeler provides unrivalled power to weight for its on the road price. The time is right for Morgan to take a new look at the combination of acceleration, performance and economy. The time is right to drive a Morgan 3 Wheeler.



S&S 1976cc V twin


Mazda 5 Speed


Tubular steel spaceframe

Dry weight


Max Power (@5250rpm)

82 bhp

Max Torque (@3250rpm)


Power to weight

435kw / kg

Performance (0 - 62mph)

6 seconds

Top Speed

115mph (185 kph)


21.1 mpg (13.4l /100km)

Extra urban

44.9 mpg (6.3l /100km)


30.3 mpg (9.3 /100km)


215 g/km

Length (overall)


Width (overall)




Fuel tank size

42 litres





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In response to customer feedback, our world renowned development team has, worked tirelessly with the latest in automotive technologies to produce the new, 2014 model year Morgan 3 Wheeler. Ensuring we provide our customers with total satisfaction and a carefree ride is essential which is why our extended 30/30 warranty comes as standard: 30 months or 30,000 miles. During the development of the 2014 model year Morgan 3 Wheeler, Morgan subjected an upgraded 3 Wheeler, to a punishing 5000mile road test and 160hrs of constant idling.

Timing Belt

Morgan, working in collaboration with S&S, has adjusted the engine to suit the unique properties of the Morgan 3 Wheeler. The timing belt has been fine-tuned, to lower the overall temperature of the timing belt, significantly reducing damage and the need for replacement.

Urban Cooling Pack:

The newly designed cowl draws air across and around the engine. During hot idling or speeds lower that 10 MPH, the fan activates and continues to cool the engine. This upgrade improves performance and extends the longevity of engine components.


To improve handling and braking Morgan has increased the torsional strength of the chassis by introducing a welded, tubular, front leg cross bar.


To suit individual customer needs, pedal positioning is now fully adjustable.

Bevel Box:

To ensure every Morgan driver has the ultimate driving experience, the bevel box is now mounted on rubber bushes which isolate it from the chassis. This reduces noise significantly and provides Morgan owners with a faultless ride every time.


In response to customer feedback, Morgan endeavoured to improve drivability. To do this the height of the steering arm has been raised. This ensures a more relaxed, responsive and comfortable drive.

The compensator:

The compensator has been fully replaced with a new, state of the art design which is now refered to as the 'Centa Drive' . The new assembly requires no lubrication and is significantly more robust. 4 rubber barrels roll concentrically between an inner core and an outer drum in tear drop shaped pockets. This means there are no bearings and no metal on metal contact. The whole system has reduced noise for a smooth and pleasant ride.


Continue to the Craftsmen

The reintroduction of the Morgan 3 wheeler into the modern automotive landscape was assured to make an impact. The challenge was to fuse 100 years of heritage with modern day performance and design expectations.

The result is exactly what Morgan's in house design and engineering team set out to achieve.

Achieving Timeless Design

The first port of call for Morgan Design is to gather influence material and establish a theme for both car and the way in which this new brand segment will be displayed. The influences for this vehicle were largely derived from classic aviation, motorcycles and hot rods. The finer details took their inspiration from the fashion world, in particular minimalist watches and luxury leather goods.

With these themes in mind sketch development begins. Aesthetic design was focused on both interior and exterior simultaneously from the offset. The proportional rules true of the original racing 3 wheelers of the late 20's, were scaled and refined to suit this larger, modern interpretation.

Morgan's design studio implements a spectrum of industry standard design tools: Sketches are redrawn in 3d and surfaced with Autodesks Alias. Visual checks are carried out with the latest photorealistic rendering software. Aerodynamic performance is explored very early on and the mechanical componentry is meticulously examined on screen from the offset.

With the 3 Wheeler, it was necessary for Morgan's stylists to work directly with the engineering department. Much like a motorcycle, The mechanical components of a car like this are as much a part of the overall aesthetic as the body or farings. Maintaining a certain purity of form and ensuring every aspect of the car both looks good and functions, complements the companies attitude toward zero waste in both design and build processes.

Defined by the details

This attitude toward simplicity is echoed in every detail. A bold horizontal waist line is accentuated with a wire rolled edge and traditional rivet head detailing. The overall proportion is one of constant curvature and smooth highlights, carefully tuned to reduce visual mass. Optional polished or satin black exterior detailing can drastically alter the cars character when combined with the virtually infinite selection of paint and leather options.

An open cockpit surrounds the pilot with luxurious natural leather at every point of contact. The exposed chassis structure is not only reassuring but also a strong graphic visible on the exterior also; further reinforcing the outside / in attitude to balancing the car.

Taking centre stage is the 3 Wheelers unique dashboard arrangement. Turned aluminium switch gear is apparent at each control point, the most noticeable example of this being Jewel-like the aircraft toggle switches. Set against black anodised aluminium casings, both the switch gear and dials are visibly bolted into place. A visual design detail inspired by early aircraft cockpits that enabled pilots to customise their flight displays.

Flick the safety cover of and depress the Euro Fighter missile release button and the 2 litre v twin explodes into life.

A wolf in sheep's clothing

Working as a team under one roof; the designers pushed to produce a car that was as close to the sketches as possible and the engineers delivered it.

The engineering design of the new 3 wheeler has been centred on an exposed sturdy tubular chassis frame. This is adorned with the superb S&S X Wedge engine, ultra slick Mazda MX5 transmission and a pressed aluminium body.

The front suspension is twin wishbone with coil over dampers, light weight tubular uprights with traditional Morgan splined hubs for the 19inch wire wheels to sit on. Avon high performance tires feature a classically inspired tread pattern. There is a high scuttle roll bar above the dash area and twin roll over hoops for driver and passenger safety. The structure for the roll over hoops is also the mounting for conventional inertia reel seat belts, again displaying functional form.

The centre longitudinal tubes exposed within are the mountings for the front wishbones, engine mounts and gearbox with the bespoke designed 90 degree bevel box sitting at the rear of the chassis rails. The 1917 cc fuel injected V twin is mated to the transmission via a bespoke designed alloy bell housing special internal cush drive internals. Behind the bevel box and mounted in-line with the output sprocket is the twin sided swinging arm which holds the 16 inch alloy wheel and 195 x 55 profile tyre. This is controlled by twin coil over dampers and drive from the bevel box is via a ribbed V belt and light alloy drive sprocket. With vented discs and alloy callipers the sub 500 kg mass of the vehicle is easily brought to a stop.


Once the design team had signed of the various clay and foam models of the body shape, again Catia was used to engineer the pressed aluminium body panels, and the wooden body substrate to which they are hand fitted to, all in-house by the Morgan craftsmen. This creates an exceptionally ridged but lightweight body with removable bonnet and cowl and hinged rear boot lid.

With production quality always in mind, this body is the very last part to be fitted the chassis, even with all the trim panels and seats in place.

Every Morgan vehicle is Hand-made in custom facilities by specially trained craftsmen, meticulous levels of control and precision are required to achieve the perfect finish

The result: A celebration of heritage, technology and design

Handbuilt at Pickersleigh Road, Britain

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A must for individuals, families and group visits - not just for petrol heads!! Modern technology and hi tech equipment combined with traditional skills: a tour like no other! Celebrating over 100 years of a driving passion! Visit the only car maker in the world to have survived for a century under the ownership of its founding family and marvel at the skilled craftsmanship still apparent today! Visitors are taken into all workshops to see the hand making of a Morgan sports car from very start to finish!



Tel: 01684 584580


Morgan Motor Company
Pickersleigh Road
WR14 2LL


∙ Fully guided factory tours-Monday - Thursday* all day with up to 10 tours per day. (last tour starts at 2.30pm) Friday morning only (last tour starts at 11.30am)
∙ Please allow approximately 2 hours for the tour which culminates with a visit to the Morgan Motor Company Museum where visitors are able to browse the museum and watch the Morgan film at their leisure (allow approximately 30 minutes for this).


∙ Guided Factory Tour and Museum experience - £12.50 per person.
∙ Children aged 5-11 years / Students - £7.50. Not recommended for children under 5 years of age.
∙ We welcome disabled visitors, please note that for the two hour duration of the tour visitors are standing at all times.


The Morgan gift shop - Unique Morgan gifts, clothing and souvenirs.. special offers all year round!
The Morgan Visitor Centre Cafe - Refreshments, homemade cakes, snacks and light lunches, pre bookable group lunches.

Using Traditional Methods

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Traditional Coachbuilding


Morgan vehicles have always been constructed using the traditional body-on-frame method of attaching a panelled body onto a rolling chassis. As the first method of mass-production in the 1930s, body-on-frame construction enabled manufacturers to change their body style without having to change their chassis, thus enabling rapid improvements to be made to the interior without the high costs associated with developing a new platform. We continue to use this method of construction as it offers lightweight construction, and enables us to remain true to our heritage of using the finest materials - ash, leather, aluminium.


Each Morgan 3 Wheeler is hand trimmed using soft yet hard wearing aniline hides. Our leather offers class leading performance in abrasion and colour fastness, and is finished with a splash-proof coating. A wide spectrum of colours is available, to ensure that your Morgan 3 Wheeler it is personal to you. The thrill of driving your new Morgan 3 Wheeler is enhanced by the smell and feel of new leather upholstery.


Morgan vehicles have always offered lightweight construction, resulting in strong performance. Aluminium, with it's lightweight and durable qualities, is the perfect material to use for the body of a Morgan 3 Wheeler. The hot forming process used to produce each body ensures a perfect finish to the complex three dimensional shape. Aluminium is corrosion-resistant and strong, and ultimately may be recycled.


Each frame is handcrafted to ensure a perfect fit between the tubular frame and the aluminium bodywork. The internal bodyframe is sealed to prevent rot, any external woodwork is waterproofed. Ash is a hardwood, and absorbs impact well (all Morgan vehicles pass relevant European standards for noise, emissions and safety - the M3W also conforms to USA standards), and of course our wooden frames are lightweight and environmentally friendly.

Ash Frame Construction

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Ash Frame Construction


Contrary to popular belief Morgan cars have never had a wooden chassis. However they do have wooden frames. This is not only traditional but hugely beneficial to the driving experience. The ash wood is extremely lightweight, strong and gives a solid platform to attach the aluminium body panels. The frame consists of 23 pieces which are made from scratch then hand assembled on the trestles. Curved pieces are sandwiched between ply to give extra strength.

When finished each frame goes through a dipping process to preserve the quality of wood against the elements.

Pressed Aluminium Bodywork

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Pressed Aluminium Bodywork


A selection of pressed and hand formed lightweight aluminium panels adorn the wooden frame. A durable material which is lightweight was essential to provide the high power weight ratio of the 3 wheeler. The main body of the M3W is formed using press tools giving consistency and repeatability. Each panel is then trimmed and hand finished on jigs before all panels are assembled to form the unique shape of the 3 wheeler body.

Prior to painting each body is checked for imperfections by the craftsmen, and goes through a rigorous quality procedure to ensure the perfect finish.

Individual for you

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Bespoke specification


In today's modern world of fixed specifications and generic automobiles, the Morgan Motor Company stands proud. 40,000 choices of paint colour and over 50 choices of the finest quality leather are just the starting points to creating a car that is completely bespoke to you. As a small and dynamic business, we boast the ability to offer the most personalised service in the Automotive Industry. Our Aluminium body panels are all hand pressed over a wooden ash frame using traditional coach building methods before the highest quality paint and leather gives your car its individual touch. Our team of highly skilled and passionate craftsmen and women take pride and care at every stage of the build process to guarantee that your car is built to the high standards that Morgan customers expect.

Every little detail down to the stitching on the custom leather seats can be specified. So go wild, why not customise your dream 3 wheeler now?

Feeling creative?

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Make your 3 wheeler even more special

Brooklands Edition

Superdry Edition

The Brooklands circuit was the brainchild of Hugh Locke-King, and was opened on 17 June 1907 as the first purpose-built banked motor race circuit in the world.

Requirements of speed and spectator visibility led to the Brooklands track being built as a 100 ft (30 m) wide, 2.75 miles (4.43 km) long, banked oval. The banking was nearly 30 feet (9 m) high in places. In addition to the oval, a bisecting Finishing Straight was built, increasing the track length to 3.25 miles (5.23 km), of which 1.25 miles (2.01 km) was banked. It could host up to 287,000 spectators in its heyday.

Along the centre of the track ran a dotted black line, known as the Fifty Foot Line. By driving over the line, a driver could theoretically take the banked corners without having to use the steering wheel.

Brooklands was more than a great sporting arena. Brooklands was the birthplace of British motorsport and aviation, home of Concorde and the site of many engineering and technological achievements throughout eight decades of the 20th century.

These 50 Limited edition Brooklands inspired 3 Wheelers have been designed to celebrate the ancestry of British racing cars and their styling. Each car includes a limited edition numbered dash plaque, an array of cost options, a Brooklands centenary book, and an annual membership to the Brooklands trust.


Jaguar 'Brooklands' green Body
Polished engine
Polished cowl
Brooklands steering wheel
NEW Brooklands exhaust (after market) in polished finish
Brooklands exhaust heat shields
Black bonnet strap
Enamelled Union Jack badge on bonnet
Black pleated leather seats
Black Roll hoops, lamps, and details
Black leather
Black Rubber floor mats
"Brooklands racing circuit" vinyl limited edition graphic
"Brooklands racing circuit" embossed graphic on dashboard leather
Brooklands centenary Book
Annual membership to the Brooklands trust
Limited edition badge (1-50), allocated number available as an option


NEW fully Polished body with black graphics and extra rivets in body
Tonneau cover Black PVC
Tonneau cover coloured mohair
Heated seats
TOAD immobilizer
Leather storage pockets
Number allocation (subject to availability)

Superdry founded in 2003, is now the fastest growing international youth retailer of its time.  A wide range of premium clothing is inspired by Japanese design with a vintage Americana style. This has established fans all over the world and has led to a growing celebrity following. Design elements synonymous with the Superdry brand have been incorporated into the design of this iconic car. This includes well assembled quality materials and a modern take on traditional styling ( 

Morgan 3 Wheeler Ltd. is collaborating with Superdry to create 200 of the exclusive ‘Morgan 3  Wheeler Superdry Edition’ sports cars.


In addition to the specification of the standard ‘Sport’ variant 3 Wheeler, the Superdry edition car features:

Vintage headlamp grills
Orange wall tires
Matt Silver paintwork; pack
Matt orange exhaust tips and mirror surrounds.
Superdry branded unique livery pack
Superdry edition alloy badge
Additional aero styled riveting.
Leather bonnet strap.
Superdry detailed fuel cap
Branded gearstick
Quilted Superdry tarp leather seats.

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